Quality Assurance & Quality Control Program

SARIYA CONTRACTING COMPANY LTD is committed to seeking continuous improvement in all areas which will achieve the highest quality standards.

Quality means understanding our client's requirements and making every effort to achieve surpass them, while at the same time complying with our standards and policies. Our goal is to satisfy our client and to comply not only with the contractual requirements but also to provide excellence in engineering practice.

The primary objectives are:
• To enhance and build on our excellent record in the industrial construction & build-ing industry.
• To produce the product, which the client desires in the most economical and pro-fessional way.
• To complete all projects on timely basis and within set budget.
• To reduce the incidence of non-conformances.
• To exploit our accumulated knowledge and experience.

The Quality Assurance and Quality Control plan is ready for submittal at any time re-quested, and the same will be tailored to each client standards and specific requirement.

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